Silver Holibell Holiball

$55.00 USD

Ring in this Holiday Season with the Holiball® Holibell™ set

Holibell™ is 14 inch Holiball® The Inflatble Ornamanet® perefct for an added Seasonal touch, and they really JINGLE!

Holibell™ includes:
- (2) 14" Holibell™ by Holiball®
- (2) Holibell™ Toppers
- (2) Holibell™ Hanger Plugs

We recommend using the Holiball® Fast Flow Inflator to inflate each ornament. They can be inflated using most household electric air pump or air compressor. Once full to firm, you can easily place in the the Holibell™ Hanger Plug and add the Holibell™ Topper. All that's left is hanging or placing your Holibell™ set to immediately transform your space.

Holibell™ is made of UV resistant engineered polymer that is durable in any climate. You can easily clean your Holibell™ with soap and water if needed. No special products are needed for cleaning.

There is no need for over-sized storage containers that fill up your garage and attic. Holibell™ deflates to fit in bag for easy storage.