Our Story

“I like to make a fun event out of everything. Drink good champagne on a Tuesday, buy fresh flowers often, throw a party for no reason, plan that trip!!!, Wear ALL of your good jewelry at once. Life is just too damn short to have anything be mundane.”

-Sayre Schwiering, Owner and Founder of Market




Founded by Sayre Schwiering in 2017, Market is a one-stop-shop lifestyle boutique, dedicated to helping you live a fabulous life. The goal of opening Market was to reinvigorate the shopping landscape & experience of retail to make it a more interactive, fun experience.

Sayre’s view on life is that it is short. She believes each day should be lived fully and unabashedly. Every facet of your life serves as an opportunity to create joy, from the unique items in your home to unforgettable events and the beautiful souls that experience it all with you. Every person, place, and thing serves as a new memory that shapes your life. The shop was conceived to provide a platform for this outlook.

Sayre’s diverse, energetic style resonates through her selection of what makes it onto the floor. Offering everything ranging from tabletop, apparel, beautiful furniture, jewelry, original artwork from local & global artists, WINE and CHAMPAGNE, orchids, gifts for every person in your life (especially yourself), paper goods, a children’s section, entertaining ware and more, Market is the quintessential definition of a lifestyle shop.

“I genuinely want the experience of walking through the front door to be as enjoyable and memorable as possible, regardless if a purchase is made or not. Selling to my customers is not my goal…I detest being sold to. It is important for me to create an environment where everyone is just happy to be there, it is just a part of who I am.”

Market is your leading destination for all things to help you create a happy and fabulous life and beautiful home, offering everything from Home, Gift, Garden & Wine. Welcome to your happy hub for shopping.