Norman's Cay

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Norman’s Cay, the small Bahamian island in the Exumas chain 210 miles off of the Florida coast, has a history as colorful as the surrounding sea at sundown. Norman’s Cay and the surrounding island has played host to swashbuckling pirates, British loyalists fleeing American at the end of the Revolution, enterprising rumrunners, famous writers like Ernest Hemmingway, and, of course, drug smugglers. Most famously, it was the private domain of Carlos Lehder, one of Colombia’s most notorious drug kingpins, who used it as his base of operations. However, it is these same groups that have secured the Exumas as a largely undeveloped chain of islands, and it is said that the water surrounding the Norman’s Cay is still some of the clearest on Earth.

This book takes readers on a voyage through the shimmering history of Norman’s Cay, those that have called it home or sought refuge there, and the new chapter the island is ready to write. A paradise in its own right, the Cay is ready to host a new beginning, to make new memories.