Happy Birthday Grande Cornucopia 32"

$120.00 USD

Show your affection in a big way with a 32" Grande Birthday Surprize Cornucopia, a majestic and memorable gift for adults and children of all ages. Brimming with surprise & special treasures, this Grande Birthday Surprize Cornucopia is filled with over 15 wonderful surprises. These are a hit at birthday parties! Gifts vary and may include: Crown, Confetti Fountain, Ice Light, Wish Capsule, Wish Paper, 1940's inspired Party Horn, Capsule Necklace, Conversation game, Vintage-style Toys, wooden puzzle, Lucky Pouch, Retro Sweets, Fortune, Quote, Gemstone, Fun Jewelry, Coin, Sparkler, and more!
• Made in United States
• Weight: 14 lb